Changing the text size using Internet Explorer on a PC

You can change the size of text (font) displayed by adjusting your browser settings. These settings are adjusted using the menu at the top of the screen or by using mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

Option 1: Using your mouse

1.From the main screen, select the 'View' menu within your Internet Explorer browser.
2.Select 'Text Size' from the menu – another menu listing possible sizes will appear. Select the option that you require

Very handy tip!

To quickly change the text size, press the Ctrl button while simultaneously scrolling up/down with the mouse.

Option 2: Using your keyboard

1.Open the 'View' menu by pressing 'Alt' + 'V'.
2.Select the 'Text Size' option by pressing 'X'.
3.Choose your preferred text size by using the up and down arrow keys and pressing 'Enter'.