Changing text and background colour using Internet Explorer on a PC

You can change the text (font) and background colour displayed by adjusting your browser settings. These settings are adjusted using the menu at the top of the screen.

Here you will find steps for changing text and background colour using either:

a.Your mouse, or
b.Your keyboard

Using your mouse:

1.Select the 'Tools' menu within your Internet Explorer browser.
2.Select 'Internet Options' from the Tools menu.
3.Click on the 'General' tab.
4.Click on the 'Accessibility…' button.
5.To change your font colour, check the box marked 'Ignore colors specified on Web pages'
6.Click ' OK' to bring you back to the Internet Options box.
7.Click on the 'Colors…' button.
8.Uncheck the box next to 'Use Windows colors', allowing you access to change the colours yourself.
9.Select your own Text, Background and link colours from those available.
10.Click on the 'OK' button on this tab and then on the 'OK' button on the Internet Options tab.

Using your keyboard:

1.Open the 'Tools' menu by pressing ' Alt'+'T ' .
2.Select the 'Internet Options' option by pressing 'O'.
3.Select the 'Accessibility' button by pressing 'Alt'+'E'.
4.Check the 'Ignore colours specified on web page' checkbox by pressing 'Alt' + 'C'.
5.Press 'Enter' to return to 'Internet Options'.
6.With the 'Internet Options' box still open, press 'Alt' + 'O'.
7.Uncheck the box next to 'Use Windows colors' by pressing 'Alt' + 'W', allowing you access to change the colours yourself.
8.Select either:
#the 'Text' button by pressing 'Alt' + 'T', or
#the 'Background' button by pressing 'Alt' + 'B'.
9.Select the colour of your choice by using the arrow keys to highlight it and then pressing 'Spacebar' to select.
10.Press 'Enter' to indicate OK.
11.If needed, repeat the process of selecting a colour for:
#visited 'Alt' + 'I' and
#unvisited 'Alt' + 'N' links
12.When you have changed all the colours you want, press 'Enter' to return to the 'Internet Options' box
13.Press 'Tab' until the 'OK' button is selected and press 'Enter' once which will return you to Internet Explorer.