Case by Case and Proactive Information Exchange

To ensure patient safety, regulators may need additional information - before or after registration - about the registration and disciplinary history of an individual healthcare professional. This information may go beyond that provided in a Certificate of Current Professional Status (or Certificate of Good Standing) - particularly where there are complex situations or cases.

The HPCB Memorandum of Understanding

The Crossing Borders initiative has developed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding on Case by Case and Proactive Information Exchange’ (MoU) between a number of European healthcare regulators.

The MoU details how case by case information requests and responses should be handled by regulators and provides a framework for the sharing of information proactively, and by establishing guiding principles.

The concept of Case by Case and Proactive Information Exchange was set out in Agreement 5 of the Edinburgh Agreement.

All information is exchanged in accordance with prevailing national data protection and privacy legislation.

The MOU and a list of signatories can be viewed here.