Edinburgh Agreement

The Edinburgh Agreement is the founding document of the Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders initiative. It was endorsed in October 2005 at the ‘Crossing Borders’ Consensus Conference, held during the UK Presidency of the European Union, and set out a two year framework of voluntary collaborative action between healthcare regulators in Europe. This work concluded in October 2007.

The Agreement contained a number of provisions focused on registration and disciplinary information exchange between regulators. The purpose was to facilitate the efficient free movement of healthcare professionals in Europe, whilst protecting patients from the small number of professionals who may exploit the European Single Market to avoid regulatory action or control in their home Member State.

The key outputs arising from the implementation of the Agreement were:

  • the development of a European template for a Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS);
  • the development of a Memorandum of Understanding on Case by Case and Proactive Information Exchange between regulators; and
  • the establishment of ‘Crossing Borders’ as a European level platform for discussion and sharing of good practice by professional healthcare regulators.


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